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Digital Storytelling

1000 WOMEN STRONG will develop a storytelling campaign designed to raise awareness and persuade Black Women voters to cast their vote in November. In collaboration with 1000 Women Strong, internationally recognized artist Adama Delphine Fawandu produced messaging specifically targeted to raise awareness and direct digital engagement with the explicit goal of persuading Black women voters to turnout in November.

The 2020 Storytelling campaign will consist of 3 short clip videos will rollout starting on October 5th created from conversations with Black women around 3 main themes: Why we vote? How we vote? When we vote...? Additionally, creating memorable and persuasive visuals, graphics, and messaging with messages that will resonate among voters and potential voters. 1000 WOMEN STRONG will:

  • Define the overall campaign message specific to the demographics and regions in which we are organizing: “The story of I/The story of us/The story of now”.
  • Develop talking points for the campaign.
  • Prepare more specific messaging for targeted groups – seniors, Trans women, essential workers, Gen Z, etc.
  • Invite supporters to record new content on an ongoing basis to generate more voices and engagement.
  • Promulgate the content through earned and paid media.

Digital Organizing

To deliver our content and engage with a broad audience, 1000 WOMEN STRONG’S ENGAGEMENT strategy will consist of daily social media presence across 4 different platforms. Digital ad placements in districts will also amplify the voter mobilization campaign. Our knowledge coupled with social pressure makes this strategy most effective in getting voter turnout. Additionally 1000 WOMEN STRONG will grow the campaign’s profile by:

  • Creating a base of digital campaign ambassadors.
  • Targeting and recruiting social media followers on multiple platforms;
  • Engaging state and local media through Letters to the Editor (LTR), Op-eds as well as social media;
  • Creating flashpoints and garnering press through earned media events via press conferences, tele-town halls, live town halls, interviews, community meetings, etc.

Building a Coalition

In today’s era of digital campaigns, we continue to make on-the-ground grassroots organizing a priority. It will be important to work to cultivate a contingent of supporters throughout the community who will lend legitimacy and energy efforts. Authentic, consistent, and responsive engagement is of paramount importance in building the campaign’s presence. Additionally, the campaign must reach out to potential coalition partner organizations of every stripe: the business community, voter protection organizations, unions, surrogates, entertainment, and more. Together will keep supporters active and informed.

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Activate & Amplify

The aim of our campaign’s activities will be to demonstrate that our digital voices can combat the intensity of online disinformation and noise, speak directly to Black women from Black women, and activate and amplify voter engagement in key states. Additionally, we will elevate key active supporters into leadership roles within our organization communities, creating additional credibility for our campaign in those areas.

Digital Storytelling

1000 Women Strong is taking submissions of stories surrounding conversations important to you. Submit your content here.

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